Theatre Artist, Director, and Educator

“She is driven by passion and curiosity for story, words, and authorial intention”

David Howey, Head of Brind School of Theatre


August 2019-Present: Young Conservatory Fellow at American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco


September 2018-Present: Teaching Artist for OSA's School of Theatre's Step It Up Program


Fall 2019: Substitute teacher for Oakland School for the Arts' Theatre School.


May 2018-Present: Teaching Artist for SF Shakespeare Festival's Summer Camps


July 2019: Teaching Artist for Marin Theatre Company Summer Camps


2018-2019: Year Long Artistic Direction and Education Internship with Marin Theatre Company


Winter 2019: Assistant Director of Ayad Akhtar's The Who and the What, directed by Hana S. Sharif, and August Wilson's How I Learned What I Learned, directed by Margo Hall  (MTC)


October 2018: Replacement Production Assistant on J.T. Rogers's Oslo, directed by Jasson Minadakis (MTC)




I am a theatre artist exploring and unlocking myself and the world around me in the plays I bring to life.


I latch onto the play and run with it. Plays with a rich textual base, especially those that can be considered classics, intrigue and excite me, and I’m always ready to dive into them. I’m text focused and will always go back to the playwright’s words to unlock the mysteries of the piece.


I insist on having and open and communicative rehearsal room and relationships inside to best unpack the production. I exude a warm and inviting presence to bring out the best in people. My nature is to be collaborative; I’m a team player who wants to support and cooperate with everyone in the room to create the best piece of theatre possible. Theatre is a team sport, and I am the captain, not a dictator.


My goal with each show is to create a dialogue with the audience over a piece they might already know, giving them a new perspective to work through. Sociopolitical topics of today’s world, like economics, gender, sexuality, religion, and government are all areas of interest I want to unpack. Theatre is a subject that is present, informative, and reflective of the social climate; as an artist I need to use this to the fullest extent. The work I create provokes discussion on all levels of a production team, from the rehearsal room to the audience. I want to expand the audience’s horizons and invite them to rethink a play, a concept, a point of view. This can only come about through the kind of profound, rigorous, and enthusiastic production I strive to create.


I fell into directing after years of not having a word for the craft. As early as elementary school I would plan an entire production in my head. Only when the option of directing was proposed to me an entire part of myself was unlocked. Since that moment I’ve been utilizing my art to uncover more about myself: who I am and who I endeavor to be. Every day I’m discovering more, and it’s a learning experience I never want to end. My only hope is that my art can reveal a new passion in another.

I believe theatre education is the only way to ensure and foster a future for our craft and worldview. Nurturing the next generation of theatre goers and makers is a key part of my identity. No matter what path I follow in years to come, education will always be a main focus of mine. With an eye towards craft skill building, intersectionality, and theatre history, I strive to open up possibilities for at least one student per class and create a new theatre-lover for life.



I have a passion for textually rich and vibrant plays. From re-examinations of beloved classics to world premieres, I dive into the world of the play to create a conversation on stage. 


Theatre and arts education is vital for young people, and I am passionate about ensuring the next generation has a love for the theatre. With a focus in directing, playwriting, audition technique, and text and language, I work with students in grades 3rd-12th.


Email: emily.cooper1028@gmail.com

References Available Upon Request

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